Clinical Lead Pharmacist

Ambulatory health services-SEHA

Abu Dhabi, UAE



Dr.Said is a clinical staff lead pharmacist with more than 10 years of experience as a Hospital Pharmacist. furthermore, he worked as a Teaching Aids at Al Ahram Canadian university Egypt, as well as a drug control specialist in the antibiotics department at NODCAR (the national organization for drug control & research) currently he is working as a pharmacist lead in Abu Dhabi Health Services, Co. – SEHA. He is a member of different committees in SEHA like Antimicrobial stewardship & Medication Therapy Management. Dr.Said studied clinical pharmacy at Zagazig University, Egypt, and graduated in 2008 with excellent honor grade, He then received his M.Sc. in clinical pharmacy in 2014, and he completed his MBA from Torrens university/Abu Dhabi in 2015. Recently Dr.Said received his doctor of pharmacy degree (Pharm D) 2019, SCU, Egypt. He is a certified pharmacotherapy specialist (BCPS) since 2014.  In addition, He is a certified infectious disease pharmacist as well as a certified medication therapy management.