Head of Control Laboratory

National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices




Merita KUCUKU is a Head of Control Laboratory, National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, Albania. and she is trained for quality control of vaccines in Japan, Netherlands, safety, and efficacy of vaccines- France, GMP South Korea, instrumental analysis in Finland and Netherland, quality control and quality assurance of laboratories Austria, Impact of Environmental Assessment, Strategy of Environmental Assessment, Strategy for chemical Management in Sweden. The representative of Albania in WHO Network for post-marketing surveillance of vaccines. 

Member of International Working group for:

1.Case Definition - Vasculitis, arranged from AIFA-Italy & Brighton Collaboration

2.Safety of the Global Alignment of Immunization Safety in Pregnancy (GAIA Project)

3.Neonatal Seizures, GAIA-Working Group

4. Viral Vector Vaccine Safety Working Group (V3SWG), Brighton Collaboration.

Area of Interests

  • Quality control, safety and efficacy of medicines
  • Environmental issues