Kadreya Elmorshedy


Faculty of medicine

Doctor in anatomy and embryology

Tanat University




Kadreya Elmorshedy, Faculty of Medicine, Doctor in anatomy and embryology, Tanat University, Egypt.

Area of Interests

1 Effect of losartan on rat kidney 2014- 2015

2 Effect of androgen on rat testes 2015

3 Effect of androgen on rat skeletal muscles 2015

4 Poster presentation teratogens 2017 in prince Sultan University on April 2017

5 Role of Star Anise Extract in Management in Equigan Induced Testicular Damage in Adult Male Albino Rats (Project funded by Princess Nora bent Abdurrahman research center)

6 Effect of Clomid on rat uterus

7 volunteer 2003 – 2008 in breast cancer foundation of Egypt screening programs.