Joseph F Murphy

Founder and President





Joseph F. Murphy is currently Founder and President of immune PCS (, a preclinical consulting service that helps clients navigate the drug discovery and development pipeline. Prior to founding immunePCS, Joe held senior leadership roles, including founder and CEO of Emmerex, a biotech company that aimed to translate novel immune-based anti-cancer therapies into a clinical setting. Most recently he has held directorship roles with contract research organizations (CROs), such as Charles River Laboratories where he was Director of Science (R&D) and Southern Research as Director of Cancer Therapeutics and Immunology.
Joe’s research and development (R&D) strengths include pioneering projects focused on leucocyte endothelial cell interactions and the anti-angiogenic/tumorigenic effects of cytokine-induced natural killer cells. He explored these areas during his post-doctoral fellowships at the Pasteur Institute and Stanford University Medical Center. Joe holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics, Experimental Physics, and Biology, and he earned his Doctorate of
Philosophy in Immunology. He has written and contributed to more than 100 scientific publications and conference papers.

Area of Interests


Drug discovery

Experimental medicine

Drug discovery and development pipelines for both small molecules and large biologics.