Ali Gamal Ahmed Al kaf

Faculty of Pharmacy

Medicinal Chemistry Department

Sana University




Dr. Ali Gamal Ahmed Al-kaf has received his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry-Pharmacognosy,-Medicinal Chemistry-Drug Design, Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy,2006, Russian Federation. Currently, he is working as an Associate Professor at Sanaa University. He has successfully completed his graduation in pharmaceutical science, Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy,1986, USSR, and post-graduation in Pharmaceutical science, pharmacognosy, Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy,1987, USSR.

Area of Interests

Synthesis and Biological activity of 4-oxopyrimidine and quinazolinone-4 derivatives with aryl sulfonamide fragments in nucleoside position.
Pharmacotechnological research of Hibiscus Sabdarifa-Family-Malvaceae